International Conference on

July 25-26, 2019
Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia
Rome, Italy

Nahla Mohamed


Nahla Mohamed (born 18th Nov.1978), is a Sudanese & Swedish, an associate Professor of Clinical Virology at the Department of Clinical Microbiology, PNU and expertise in in viral diagnostics researches; such as ;
1. Bioinformatics: Improving diagnostic methods for clinical microbiology,
2. Method development: Nucleic acid and Antibody based methods for detection      of infection Clinical Virology:
 3. Quality control, management of routine Nahla is very interested and positive person, he did the best to fulfill the projects goals, and succeeded in doing. He was a very enthusiastic, active, and eager to learn. As well he has a broad experienced in the development and performance of clinically useful real-time PCRs and molecular tools in clinical virology aspects.



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