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July 25-26, 2019
Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia

Yuntao Wu


Dr. Yuntao Wu is currently a professor at George Mason University, USA, and has 30 years of research experience in virology. He received his Ph.D from Queen’s University, Canada, and his postdoctoral training in NIH, USA. Dr. Wu’s major contributions to HIV virology include: (1) demonstrating that pre-integration transcription is an early process in HIV infection of T cells and macrophages (Science, 2001, 293:1503-6); (2) demonstrating that chemokine coreceptor signaling from CXCR4/CCR5 is critical for HIV-1 latent infection of resting CD4 T cells. He identified the role of cofilin in HIV infection and pathogenesis (Cell, 2008, 134,782); (3) developing the HIV Rev-dependent vector and cell lines for anti-HIV research and gene therapy (Retrovirology 2007, 4:12; Gene Therapy, 2010, 17:1063).

Research Interest

The role of cellular and, in particular, actin cytoskeletal factors in HIV-1 replication events in primary cells



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